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For better experiencie, all samplesets downloads are done with Resilio Sync / BitTorrentSync:
Download and install Resilio Sync or the older BitTorrentSync
After starting the program, add a folder (create one manually as the whole content will be erased!) using this key: BYY4QW74OSMPDUCHNFNA5VRDWBIQ523YK
The system will start and keep syncying as the computer is online.


Please copy the file(s) to another folder than the generated download folder before doing anything. Since this folder is read-only everything you do here would revert to the original state. New files on the Resilio folder are deleted automatically!

Don't remove the downloaded files from that folder! This would result on the files being downloaded again wasting your bandwidth and that from all connected machines.

If you don't need this folder anymore, please remove it from Resilio Sync first, or uninstall Resilio Sync.

On the other side if you keep Resilio Sync running with the folder intact, you contribute effectively to the distribution of the files. Thank you for doing so!

If the download stops (eg. because you tried to open a not completely downloaded file) you can disconnect the folder and, without erasing any files, reconnect it using the same "secret code". The system will resume, without having to re-download the already downloades files.

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Resilio Sync download

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